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                      Situated in the north of Jiangxi Province, at 115°52'-116°08E'29°26-29°41'N, it occupies an area of 302 square Kilometers, The Great Hang Yang Peak, the highest peak of the mountain, is 1,474 meters high(above sea level).

                      On December 6, 1996, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural elected Mount Lu landscape in the World Heritage List and gave the following remarks “with its peculiar style in historic remains, which is melted with remarkable natural beauty, Mount Lu has formed a highly- aesthetically-valued cultural view closely relevant to the spirit of Chinese people and their cultural life”. The mountain boasts its mighty peaks, roaring waterfalls, mysterious cloud mists, philosophical religions, ancient academy, numerous remains of ice age and many western-styled villas. It was among the first Key Scenic Districts of China and was one of the districts bestowed the titles “Forty Best Scenic Districts of China”, “National Exemplary Q-vitalized”, “Scenic and Historic Interest District”, “National Geo-park of China”, “AAAA-rated Tourism District” and etc.

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                      Lushan Administrative Bureau Complaint Center Tel: (0792)828576 Lushan Administative Bureau tourism Office Tel: (0792)8282998 Lushan Environment Management Office Tel: (0792)8281585
                      Mount Lushan Public security bureau Tel: 110,(0792) 8282153 Lushan Bureau of Commodity Price Tel: 12358(0792)8287906 Lushan Industrial and Commercial Bureau Tel: 12315,(0792)8281162
                      Jinye Ticket Center Tel: (0792) 8285343 Tel: (0792) 8289672 The Lushan Branch Office of Civil Aviation National Travel Agency Tel: (0792) 8289691 China code (086)

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